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As human advocates for animals, we owe it to animals to be as educated as possible on what is being done to them. As a movement we must assess how to best assist their struggles for freedom and autonomy, which are so often unseen and unheard.

Our friends at VINE Sanctuary in Vermont have noted that nonhuman animals comprise the real grassroots animal rights movement, and we are their allies. From the dairy cow who bellows on the feedlot, screaming to have her baby given back to her, to the fox who chews her own foot off to escape a trap set by the fur industry, to the elephant who breaks free from a circus trailer and runs panicked through urban streets, animals try with all their might to resist the systemic oppression imposed on them by human society.

The ways animals are used as property and exploited for profit are frequently changing in our changing economy. We have compiled lists of helpful websites, print materials, and informational videos which we feel might help you educate yourself or assist you in your advocacy for animals.

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